Who is Jaysse Lopez?

Jaysse Lopez is an entrepreneur, Hypebeast and YouTube personality.  He is best known as the founder of Urban Necessities which is located in Las Vegas.

Jay has also gained a lot of attention through social media: 

Keep up with Jaysse, his wife Joanie and other members of the UN crew by following the Two J's Kicks YouTube Channel.

You can also find Jay at the Two J's Kicks Instagram Page, or try the Urban Necessities Instagram.

If Twitter is what you are into then find and follow Jaysse here.

Last but not least, catch up with Jay on Facebook!


Who or What is Two J's Kicks?

Two J's Kicks was originally what Jaysse and his wife Joanie called their now booming shoe business.  Get it? Two J's?   Later switching to the name Urban Necessities when their retail store opened. However, in early 2017, Two J's Kicks became the official marketing and media company that represents not only Jaysse but also Joanie.  In the future, the company plans to expand and will also represent other interesting personalities.  Jaysse and Joanie are co-founders of Two J's Kicks with Author and Entrepreneur Matt DeCoursey, who acts as the brands Managing Partner.




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